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            Do you ever wonder why ‘snow’ rhymes with ‘slow’?  If you have ever slipped into the ditch,

            you know why Winter driving requires some common sense habits such as:

  • Travel only when necessary.

  • If traveling is necessary, plan extra time and drive slowly.

  • Always be prepared to react to changing conditions on the winter roads such as drifting,

    scattered slippery spots, slippery bridges, and slippery ramps, etc.

  • Inspect your vehicle for items such as good all-season or snow tires, good windshield wipers and fluid, and a winter safety kit, etc.

  • Dress for the weather.  Proper footwear and extra warm clothes are important items to have when driving on the winter roads.

  • Give snow removal/salting trucks/graders and loaders ample room to do their jobs safely (stay back 200 feet).

      An important thought, most of the time – snow does not cause accidents; driving too fast in        

      snowy conditions causes accidents.


     Please slow down and have a safe winter season.

Marquette County Highway Department



Public Notice


Marquette County will not be offering sand or a sand/salt mixture for the public’s private use.  The office of the Wisconsin Attorney General has given the opinion that providing or selling any material for private use may be unlawful and such materials may only be used for a public purpose, such as sanding public roads. In the event of an extreme ice storm there could be permission granted from the Highway Department for a small quantity (a five gallon bucket) of a sand/salt mixture only. This will only occur during the highway departments scheduled work hours.


Marquette County Highway Department