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Local Treasurers

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Town of Buffalo

Jean Rataczak
P.O. Box 146, Montello

Town of Crystal Lake
Sandra Vaughan

W2891 Deerborn Dr, Neshkoro
(920) 293-4681

Town of Douglas
James Brancel

W7995 St. Rd. 23, Endeavor
(414) 939-0751

Town of Harris Steven D. Lentz

N6429 11th Ct., Westfield

Town of Mecan
Valorie Schable

W950 Fern Dr, Montello
(920) 295-3438

Town of Montello
Jeanne Hein

P.O. Box 425, Montello
(608) 297-2923

Town of Moundville
Ruth Jones

W5673 Co. Rd. O, Endeavor
(608) 587-2646

Town of Neshkoro
Jessica Jaeger

P.O. Box 118, Neshkoro
(920) 229-1754

Town of Newton
Janice Blum

N7923 Co. Rd. B, Westfield
(608) 369-1435

Town of Oxford
Peggy Russell

W7592 Freedom Rd, Oxford
(608) 586-5482

Town of Packwaukee
Jeri Showers

P.O. Box 412, Packwaukee
(608) 589-5201

Town of Shields
Patrick Tierney

W2712 Co. Rd. J, Montello

Town of Springfield Jeannette Warzynski

W7754 Dyke Dr., Westfield
(608) 296-3308

Town of Westfield
Dawn Anderson

P.O. Box 157, Westfield
(608) 296-1734

Village of Endeavor
Elizabeth Alberts

P.O. Box 228, Endeavor
(608) 587-2486

Village of Neshkoro
Lynn Gohlke

P.O. Box 265, Neshkoro
(920) 293-4410

Village of Oxford
Shannon McMullin

P.O. Box 122, Oxford
(608) 586-4488

Village of Westfield
Linda Quinn

P.O. Box 250, Westfield
(608) 296-2363

City Of Montello
Dawn Calnin

P.O. Box 39, Montello
(608) 297-2727